We are a small group of ordinary people in Launceston, Tasmania working at the local level in partnership with schools in South Sudan. We are working on partnering schools in South Sudan to grow educational opportunities, especially for the girls.


The Founder, Besta Peter, was orphaned at the age of four loosing both her parents and grew up with her Auntie - the eldest sister of Besta's Mother. At times Besta was too poor to attend school but learned from the school notes of her best friend. All in all this set the ground for her characteristics of resilience, strength, patience, and tolerance which was to serve Besta well on her adult journey.

Besta also raised money by doing odd jobs for her neighbors, like gardening, washing, looking after their children to pay for her schooling, buy uniforms, thongs, and exercise books.

I can't thank the supportive people that came into my life enough... they helped me where I am now

From South Sudan via refugee camps, Besta's family arrived in Australia.

Besta was determined to make something of her life and to make a difference to the unfortunate children in South Sudan. She completed her education with a university degree and is now working as a qualified Social Worker in the Australian community.

Besta is determined to help vulnerable children in South Sudan gain life skills that will improve their chances of living a fuller life and has been the driving force behind the establishment and organisation of Bright Star Foundation.






The founder of Bright Star Foundation, Besta was born in South Sudan orphaned at 4 years old and looked after by her extended family.


Besta at an early age realised with all the help and support she experienced that she was going to give it back and help the unfortunate children (especially the girls) of South Sudan - the Bright Star Foundation was created giving these children hope.


Qualified with a university degree in Social Work, and a giving and caring help, Besta (through the Bright Star Foundation) is determined to help vulnerable children in South Sudan gain life skills that will improve their chances of living a fuller life.


John was born and grew up in Yei, South Sudan.

John has a Bachelor of Business (University of Tasmania), with a strong background in business and finance and has a position of Business & Community Development Manager at the Migrant Resource Centre.

John has also experience in Bank Sales Manager (3yrs), and has had experience in sitting on 2 boards - St Mark Parish and Mudbank Theatre Inc.

John's personal philosophy is one of opportunity for all. He believes in a "fair-go" and has been his motivator in helping others. John as been an active member in the local Sudanese Community

Assistant Treasurer

I met John and Besta when I was younger through church and have grown up playing with their children and listening to Besta talk about the war and ongoing issues in South Sudan.

I decided to help because I want to see a safe home for these people and good education for the children, everyone deserves to go to school to get an education and not live in fear.

I look forward to making trips to South Sudan when the conflict eases and it is safe for us to make aid missions.





Kerryal is a Mother, Grandmother, and an experienced Networker.

Having had extensive experience through volunteering in outback Australia, Kerryal was there helping and teaching Aboriginal girls. This opened Kerryal's eyes in wanting to further help and be their for the struggling communities.

Kerryal meet Besta and was instantly inspired by her story and felt blessed to be of help and to visit South Sudan with Besta on several occasions.

Kerryal continues to this day being a Team Memeber of Bright Star Foundation.

Assistant Secretary

My name is Clement Alfred Kangu. I am one of the Bright Star Foundation committee members.

I knew Besta in Yei when we went to the same junior secondary school. When Besta told me that she has started a foundation, I supported the idea because I understand the suffering and can relate to the situation.

Logo primary school is one of the schools that I went to and is being supported by BSF. My school experience in Yei (South Sudan) has given him the passion to help others. Helping a young person to study is one of the best gifts in life. I am keen to give my time to volunteer for the Bright Star Foundation in order to support people in need back in South Sudan.

Committee Member

I first met Besta about three years ago and was very moved by hearing her story. Its confronting indeed to live in a part of the world that takes the absence of war in ones own country for granted, along with a measure of protection for human rights and freedoms, and a free education. 

I just don’t know what it must be like to live with the fear that must accompany being and effect change into one’s society. So that motivates me to support Besta and her grass roots foundation in small ways, both to fund raise and also to help raise the profile of Bright Star. 

We hope you will be moved to make a difference as well, as you read the stories on the web site and realise the difference just one person can make. 


BRIGHT STAR Foundation

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