South Sudan, the world's newest nation, but also the poorest and traumatised by decades of war for independence and now civil war as political factions struggle for power to lead and direct the country.


The priorities that guides Bright Star Foundation actions are...

The people of South Sudan are our guides - their opinion, wisdom, knowledge, and dreams lead us.

Where emphasis is needed it will be given to girls' education.

Money raised will be spent in South Sudan, if that is not reasonable, in Africa to support the local communities and economy.


Both Besta and I acknowledge the power of learning and education in helping us advance our own lives. We have both endured many challenging circumstances growing up and learning in classrooms including lack of access to resources or difficulty navigating a new educational systems, a new culture and language. These experiences have only worked as motivators to help us become mentors to people around us who may be struggling through similar situations

We value the need for education to create self determination and choice.

We aim to support others around us in the world to achieve their dreams and reach for their stars.

Out of that, Bright Star Foundation was born and it has led to a global community awareness around the need for access to education.


[Roxy and Besta]

Self sufficient & sustainable project for school vegetable gardens

Project2 [coming soon]

Project3 [coming soon]

In 2016, a contribution from an individual donor, to a primary school such as Pabanga, enabled the community to expand the school's existing,small, productive, healthy food growing initiative.

The donor acknowledged the ongoing community benefits of this projectas beingessential for this vulnerable community to flourish.

This is one of the ways the BSF aims to create ongoing community development in the region. Empowering local community members to help build community capacity is essential to our BSF work 

A contribution such as this is helpful as the community needs were recognised and honoured.

Wider school community involvement and inclusion is essential to create a sense of ownership and self-sufficiency.

The school community spirits were uplifted by the knowledge that a family on the other side of the world was interested in their wellbeing.

This generous contribution encouraged Pabanga school community’s self-reliance which is essential during the challenging times of adversity. And provides HOPE for a brighter future!

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//will be updated soon…

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